One-click reference to the original document, hosted on our cloud or your company's premises, for instant data source tracking.


Data Requests

Historical data extraction options vary from KPIs, GAAP to Non-GAAP bridge, guidance, restatements, and S-1s to any other data of interest.


Our security protocols are trusted by renowned large-scale financial institutions, thanks to end-to-end data encryption that meets air-tight human resources policy and controls.

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Efficient AI-driven data extraction to worry-proof your finacial reports' analysis and make sure you only focus on numbers that matter. Delivered as Excel, or API

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Hands-on Support
We do love AI but we hate chatbots. Our support team is reachable anytime via phone, slack or email.
Same Day Delivery
Prompt update of financial models within the same day of document release.

Streamlined Process

Get in touch for a demo
Contact us and one of our team experts will promptly get back to you to schedule a call and get started within 24 hours.
Specify needs
We will jointly review your files and specify your requirements so that we can help you create a custom solution for your needs.
Get data in your favorite format
Choose the exact file format that fits your reporting needs and start focusing only on the numbers that matter.
Enjoy up-to-date reports
Assign us to your model update and access fully comprehensive and accurate data within hours.

More Features

Variety of Locations & Formats
We extract complex data from text documents or tables of any format (.doc, .pdf, .jpeg, .html, or handwritten docs).
Next-level Complexity
High-level data extraction - even when complexity makes everyone else rest their case.
Custom Format Delivery
Data export options upon request of specific structure and format (API, .excel, .json, .csv).
Language Options
We support English, Español, Pусский, Ελληνικά, 中文 and any other language.
Multiple Data Sources
Critical business data may be scattered across multiple company documents. Just drop them in and let us handle this.
Unlimited Scale
Millions of pages are still handlable pages. Even massive financial reporting workload can meet no hurdle.


MD at NYC Hedge Fund
Saved me many hours of time. I’m sold
Analyst at NYC Asset Manager
Every analyst on the street should be using this otherwise they’re just wasting their time

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