High complexity data extraction,
done cleanly and perfectly

AI Engineers
We have a passionate team of AI Researchers with uncompromised love for complexity and seamless focus on data extraction optimisation.
Our strict recruitment policy has onboarded a feverish team of well-trusted Analysis Experts, available to help you out even with your most demanding data.

Hundreds of AI algorithms

Extracting perfect data requires a lot of fascinating, under the hood work.
Multilingual Natural Language Processing
Traceback Generation
REST API Data Access
Data Validation
HITL / Interactive
Cloud Agnostic
Unstructured Data
Classification Engine
End-to-end Encryption
100+ AI algorithms work jointly, yet independently, on the same data, followed by an additional layer of AI algorithms that evaluate the output, tagging each cell with a confidence score and proceeding to its final approval.

AI technologies minus

the Black Box

A focus on delivering auditable data means you never have to second guess the efficacy of our algorithms.

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